kitten heels


La Femme

Look at me, all careless,

minding my own business,

fully unaware of anyone taking pictures of me,

walking my way to my gallery.

A poem!

Today we’re going as a woman who is sure about things – don’t I look like someone who knows what they’re doing?

Aaaah, see? Unagi.

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The title is for both the Cranberries song (90’s yo) and the obvious pun linger – lingerie.

So, me and Olympia have been trying to find a signature photography style for the blog and we’ve been experimenting ever since we first started working together. This time the result was a little bit edgier and to be honest I really liked it. It was both my look and the editing that made me look like the hardcore but cute b*tch I wanted to be back in high school lol.

Now let’s all erase that reference from our memories and start over please.

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