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Ay fellas.

Do you know how much thought went in this “ay”? I think I’ve been quite descriptive of my difficulty to find different ways to say “hello pals”. And I’m a cheater – I always take time off of the blog, cheating on my readers, so I always have to return to the crime scene with some briliant joke or excuse to make you forget of my nasty ways.

This is so bad…

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Soldier On

Hey there, beautiful fellas.

Fun fact; do you know how we end up wearing what we used to laugh at years ago? And also, you remember those ugly, kind of provocative, tights we used to wear in like late 90’s or early 2000? The fishnet ones? Yeah, well they’re back. And I just got a pair. And I used to be one of those who made fun of them. And now you can all make fun of me, because I’m a pure victim of the usual fashion cycle thankyouverymuch.

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