A Colourless Approach

Ay buddies!


How are things rolling?


Yeah, neither for me but I’m trying to hold my it together, so this is something lol!

Miserable intro, so let’s take it from the start; things are good, I’m whiny because #exams, but everything’s cool.

Man the things that can happen within a year – have you made that thought yet? About where/how you were this exact time last years compared to today? I bet you have. Surprise surprise, life is a rainbow and you’re the leprechaun.

Therefore, …idk grab the gold and seize the day?

A little help over here…


So, once again I’m going extra. It’s an outfit that you can wear…

I don’t know where you can wear this, but isn’t this the essence of my whole website?

Starting off with the vintage faux fur coat, you can always replace this with a shorter version, a leather jacket or a trench coat to make this look a little less too much.

I’ve not much to say about this look, though. Black and white is a game changer when it comes to lack of inspo, but color-blocking is the it way to do it.

I went for an off-white top and same toned trousers. I’ve always been afraid of rocking white trousers, as white is the exact opposite of black in terms of shaping your body. But like all else in fashion, if you choose the right line and texture anything works out. So, ticking off the first thing from my 2018 to-do list; wear more white.

Yeah, did it once so it counts as more, now let’s move back to black.

And here we are – we’ve reached the point I wanted the most. SHOES.

I mentioned these on an instagram post a while ago; there are my new Cardins. They have the classic old fashioned form, the one with the square-pointed toe and the killing stiletto heel. They costed me 25€. 25€ for a pair of vintage and unused Pierre Cardin boots, that’s what Christmas was to me this year <3

I found these in an outlet store – my moto in life has always been that if you keep looking for something, you will eventually find it. I keep looking for things of all kinds, and I do find things of all kinds.

The poem of a tireless soul.

Once again, I went for a mix & match earring look; double hoop and a pearly flower. I chose gold details for highlighting the outfit as it really embraces the black/white combination.

*Completing the look with a warmer brown bag, to break the icy tones*


Photos: Evan V.

Faux Fur Coat – Vintage

Turtleneck Top – Sfera

Trousers – H&M

Boots – Pierre Cardin

Earrings – mixed, ASOS and H&M

Clutch Bag – Love Moschino

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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