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Ciao amici, I’d say had I been born Italian.

Well, I was not, so, still, ciao amici. I mean who cares?

*why I do but that’s cool*

SO, hello <3

I was going to go with “we have gathered here today to […]” but I just stood there and kept looking at this phrase for like 5 mins, because I literally don’t know how to name this gathering. Why are you here? Why am I? Is he internet any good? Have I run out of peanutbutter yet AGAIN?



Today we’re styling a black sheer dress that I’d laid an eye on back on its release. You see, this dress looked a lot of a Dior 2017/18 and Fausto Puglisi 2017 (I think?) hybrid. I had to have it. Didn’t know how I’d ever style it, where I’d were it, why I wanted it so bad, but I had to have it. God, the amount of times I’ve said this for a purchase…

First things first, I paired the dress with a masculine lined yet pinkish blazer – I love the texture, it feels silky on the touch and can easily fill in for any lack of color in your outfit.

For a more “street-styled” approach, I got rid of the inner black dress and replaced it with a cream pearl strapped top and an asymmetrical midi chiffon skirt. This gave a more multi-dimensional touch to my look and made it look just a bit less dressy. Notice how the details on the tulle are golden, so everything else had to flow with it even if I love to mix metal hues.

As you can see, I kept the whole outfit on somewhat romantic levels, with my boots being the only rougher detail – I thought a pair of western boots would really hit it off with the dress, make it look more contemporary.




As for the rest of the details, a vintage golden watch and my EnRoute earrings seemed like a match to me. The outfit was extra enough on its own (you don’t say) and didn’t need any more sparkle added.



Photos: Evan V.

Blazer – Mango

Sheer Dress – H&M

Pearl Strap Top – ZARA

Earrings – EnRoute Jewelry

Watch – Vintage

Western Boots – H&M

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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