Bad Seed

Hello, it’s me…

I know you played this in your head.

But, seriously, how long has it been? 2 months? 3? 3 months, already? Damn okay.

I’ve been facing some technical issues but I’m back for good *lol I hope I am*. As you can tell, the blog has finally worn its new attire and who doesn’t love a good makeover? You’ll also see that throughout this whole time I’ve been away my style has somewhat changed. I’ve spent more days wearing pretty much the same outfits than ever before and I might be writing something about this in the near future, as I’ve made tons of thinking about it. Also, I got my very own DSLR camera and I’m getting really into photography and editing because YAH.

This time I went casual, with a twist or two. The weather is slowly getting warmer and I’m trying to embrace these last moments of pure cold the best way possible.

I’ve been wearing my Cheap Monday tees non stop and people have actually been laughing at me for that. But really what’s the harm? I used to be the person that never wore t-shirts, except for some band ones, because, you know, basic ohmygod! I ain’t that kinda gal!

I’m obviously kidding. But I honestly just started wearing tees all that often and, truth be told, you can make any piece look more everyday or even just cooler by pairing it with a t-shirt. This Cheap Monday one, I’ve had for some time – I love it because of the half-half stamp, which has also become a trend I guess.

An oversized shirt is always a good idea to throw on top, for adding extra volume and movement to your outfit. And if it gets extra warm, here’s an idea to get almost rid of it, stylishly; don’t tie it around your waist, just tuck the collar in your skirt/jeans/trousers and let it be. I’ve been enjoying this little trick a lot lately.


I was just recently talking about how I just don’t do skinny jeans any more; flared, mom, boyfriend, girlfriend, every other family member’s jeans but skinnies are what I’ve been wearing. I already own three pairs of mom jeans, so I thought I’d crop this one for the sunnier days to come. I *obvi* paired it with fishnet tights – I love how they just pop out like “helloooooo friend!” Also, I’ve said multiple times before that if I like sth a lot, I get it in all the colours available, so I decided to pair a black and a red boot of the same design and it actually didn’t look dumb. At least to me..

Some other favourite pieces of mine have been my skinny chain belt and this tiny crossbody bag that features a belt-like strap, and which I usually wear underneath my chest, just as seen on the latest runways.

I wanted to breathe some fresh playful air into my outfit and so I matched my brown lipstick with yellow eyeshadow and a pair of messy hair buns.

Photos: Eleni T.

Oversized Striped Shirt – ASOS

T-Shirt – Cheap Monday

DIY Cropped Mom jeans – Pull & Bear

Skinny Chain Belt – ASOS (similar)

Crossbody Bag – H&M (similar)

Coloured Lens Sunglasses – ASOS (similar)

Mixed Ankle Boots – Sante Shoes (here & here)

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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