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Stories of Violet

Stories of Violet is the name of a project I just recently participated in. I’ve known Nefeli from my classes and, having seen part of her job, she had given me the sense of a pure artist. So, when she suggested that we collaborated I couldn’t deny. She’s got this romantic approach and loves the urban scenery – she’s really into captivating the light in all its forms, breaking through the dark. I easily recall her saying I should turn my “face towards the light”, at almost every shot we took.

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Thoughts on; the New Year’s Resolutions Thingy

I know most of us if not all start a new year with certain thoughts and anticipations. These so-called resolutions, where everyone feels like altering a diet, an everyday schedule, their apartment decoration, their love life. And what exactly are these resolutions? Do we ever fulfill what we promise ourselves in the earliest days of a new year? Does doing…read more