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The title is for both the Cranberries song (90’s yo) and the obvious pun linger – lingerie.

So, me and Olympia have been trying to find a signature photography style for the blog and we’ve been experimenting ever since we first started working together. This time the result was a little bit edgier and to be honest I really liked it. It was both my look and the editing that made me look like the hardcore but cute b*tch I wanted to be back in high school lol.

Now let’s all erase that reference from our memories and start over please.

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Thoughts on; my Overflowing Zara Wardrobe and my Need of Atonement

Anyone reading my blog might have noticed how the majority of the things I wear are from Zara. Now you may think “k so how is that news to us?” but I promise I have a point. The thing is I shop a lot. I’m not uncontrollable or addicted or anything. I always only buy things I know I’ll wear more than just 15 times and, especially, things that are of a certain quality, so every purchase I make is thoughtful in every aspect. But going through my wardrobe lately I realised what I deep inside knew all along; it’s high time I changed my this habit of mine.

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Fashion Lab + 4tailors Pop up store @ Bord De L’Eau Design Factory

As I’m planning to analyze on a following post, I have only recently started looking greek fashion brands up. I have ever since been pretty stunned but how much I have been ignoring. As of that moment I’ve also begun to really appreciate the way sometimes the greek culture applies on the current fashion updates.

On the dates of 6th through 8th May, an exhibition was held in Bord de l’eau, a place where coffee and drinks merge with both art and fashion. The “honorees” were The Fashion Lab and 4tailors. So on the second day of the exhibition I attended and I’m here to document my thoughts.

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