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Uptown Funk

In the city where I live rn, connecting Sundays to uptown walks is a common thing. Rumour has it the Old Town - truly one of the oldest parts of the city - is that one part that has remained intact from that 1917 fire. It's consisted of both quite dilapidated and recently constructed houses, all of them beautiful. Most of the newly built ones are for some reason painted…read more
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The Moral

Today started off nicely. Sunny day, no class at all, I thought what the hell let's go take some pictures yaw. I've been encouraging myself to wear anything I wish to. And if there's a thing or two I've learnt since I started doing so it's that anyone's going to judge you. I'm not trying to be all hippie here. It's just that lately I've been…read more
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Animal Instinct

This one happened completely out of the blue. I was home, getting ready to go out for brunch. I had just perfected the winged liner, only to decide I'd rather watch Friends and chill lol. So, after the pizza, my date suggested we go up on the rooftop and take some pictures. Ofc I couldn't deny that. And while people on other rooftops were having barbeques, I…read more