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Urban Core

Lately I've been truly busy, having an utterly messed up schedule and getting choked by so many chores. Yet, this Friday was a miracle, even if I got to switch seven buses to make it through the day. I woke up early to go to class, which I've finally got used to, and made my way downtown. It was a beautiful day,…read more
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City of Texture

It's a public holiday right now where I live, and, as it also happened to be sunny, it was quite of the chance for me to take a walk around my neighborhood. After all I'd never done it before. I knew it's a place full of trails, uphills and greenery, so I chose to wear sth more casual but also fancy. The…read more
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No Freshman

As it's been reeeeally chilly these last few days and as I've come down with the most horrible of colds, I decided this would be the ideal chance for an indoors-outfit. And by that I mean I modeled several clothes I just purchased, acted weird in them, yet ended up posing wearing some older pieces. Because pure female nature. The title above…read more