Being late is a pretty typical habit of mine. I know it pisses people off and I always feel awful when I do so, but whenever I try not to I have the most unexpected thing happen to me and therefore prove, once more, that I’m incapable of ever being on time.

That said, I was supposed to meet my photographer at 13.00 and I was already late, so I literally threw whatever I had lying around on and left home. I got there at like 13.30 and maybe looking like a perp (good job?!). It was a pretty moody day and I feel like this photoshoot is a lot colder than anything I’ve shown you before. Being in a hurry I wanted an everyday and more versatile look. Let’s cut to the chase as I’m baking a chickpea chocolate cake rn and it might have already turned into ashes.

1 IMG_2057

Omg my shoes look so tiny here it’s almost weird. Anywhoozle, I’ll start with the bag, because I’m a total mess these days don’t judge ok. This beauty that you’ve seen before goes perfectly with almost everything I own. It’s so fun that it compliments even the most boring of pieces. Some say the lightning reminds them of HP. I say that’s one of the reasons I bought it.


I wanted to create an outfit based on this fav coat of mine so everything else just came next. It’s that type of coat that can easily fit into any style and really make an impression due to its length.

2 IMG_2073

I love how when I walk it does *this* 🙂 So, I took advantage of the chilly-but-not-that-much weather and went for a crop top. It’s an old regular sleeveless turtleneck (again with the surprise) that I had gotten sick of and then cut off to what it is now. I like that it’s skin-tight and therefore really shows off a woman’s figure.

3 IMG_2130

The skirt is ofc an A-line. I had it altered – both shortened and tightened and it now fits better than any other I own. It’s check patterned with a large pleat in the middle and I sometimes find it hard to pair it with stuff that won’t make me look like a young schoolgirl. But it’s so cool that in the end I don’t even care.

5 IMG_2150

These shoes I’ve had since high school. I think they’re the oldest pair I own… They’re a UK size 4 and that’s why they look like a kid’s shoe but Martens has this weird, kind of baggy fit, so my other pair, which I also got online, is a UK 5 and now useless as it’s become way too loose. Word of advice; try them on or somehow measure well before purchasing these shoes. Or creepers, but those are just tight like a Kim Kardashian latex uniform.

6 IMG_2112

*sass level=1000* but also I think I sneezed afterwards so that explains what’s going on with my face

Photos: Myrto Ch.

Collarless Coat – Siente (similar here)

High Neck Crop Top – similar here

Check Skirt – Zara (similar here)

Lace Up Flat Shoes – Dr. Martens

Novelty Satchel Bag – Marks & Spencer (similar here)

Round Sunglasses – ASOS (similar here)

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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