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Today, it’s plaid-on-plaid day. Last days of a chilly weather, again, and I’m already getting sentimental…

I honestly hate the summer, so spring is just about right to help me slowly make my way into the season of Hell.


Had you asked me a few years back if I’d mix different prints, I’d probably be quite hesitant and consider myself quite restricted, too, as to what I would be “allowed” to wear. Growing up you realize what matters in fashion is that nothing really matters. And by that I mean you come to doubt all your previous tactics, choices, styles, beliefs, anything.

*The lyrics are from PJ Harvey’s Teclo*


I chose a romantic frilled top, in a loose line, as I wanted to show down the “publish” vibe.

It’s always a good steal, mixing contrasting styles.

Print talking again, lately I’ve been often rocking florals or stripes with plaid and different kinds of plaid altogether. I think two is a good number to keep it at, in case you’re going for something groundbreaking, yet chic and not that loud. And, as long as your two prints don’t look alike or aren’t the same size etc, you’re good to go.


-mix & matching earrings has been my go-to trick for a while now-


But to be honest, the true star if the post is this transparent vinyl shopper I’ve been nuts about – it’s a typical Balenciaga knock-off and you can wear it in multiple ways, as the black pouch is removable.


Finished the look with my new steel toe-cap Dr Martens because yeah 👌



Photos: Evan V.

Coat – Zara

Blouse – Mango

Trousers – Mango

Earrings – The Outlier

Sunglasses – Asos

Belt – Asos

Handbag – Mango

Shoes – Dr Martens

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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