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I’m writing this at 02.15 am, listening to Britney Spears, so anything I say can but shouldn’t be used against me, please.

How have you guys been? The past week has been a bit busy for me and a clear example why I should really do something about my inconsistency with blogging. I do have many worthy outfit posts and articles coming up, if that’s anything close to a justification. So, forgive me, I promise to get better.

Lately, as I’ve repeatedly pointed out, I’ve been experimenting with more casual ideas. I’ve mostly been mixing chic 90’s pieces with some either romantic or more underground ones and I’ve been enjoying myself a lot. It’s already Spring so you can now wear whatever you want I guess, but don’t get fooled; the weather’s a jerk.

I’ll say that this is why I wore ribbed socks with heels, which is clearly a lie, but you know.

Enough of all that though – let’s talk about what you’re here for; me.

Ok no, please don’t leave the page, I’ll be better I promise.

I’ve forever been a huge fan of anything vintage and victorian inspired pieces are just it. I spotted this online and had to have it. These puffy things look just as amazing with jeans (think boyfriend or a mom pair), some fancy flowy midi skirt or maybe a light colored pair of skinny vinyl trousers – hot like the L.A. July sun.

I’ll move right onto accessories – both my necklace and bag are wooden and handmade with much love by FeelWood. In reality, the necklace is longline which, for the purpose of this outfit, I worn tighter to my neck, as a collar around my already existing collar lol. The bag is actually a replacement of my first one of the kind – that soldier was brave but fell in the battlefield much recently. I’m still wearing it of course; besides the scratches and a missing corner piece, it looks lovely worn out. As for the new bae, I love how it’s basic but has this small geometrical twist and doesn’t look straight like an envelope. And as I’ve mentioned, reeeeally versatile pieces.

I paired my puffy top with a zipped vinyl skirt, merging edge and romance, just like the title of this post. I like balancing really cute pieces with some maybe more “trashy” ones.

My sunnies are vintage – I’d been looking for one of these for a long time and have only ever worn them twice in 5 years as I feel I look like Keanu Reeves on The Matrix.

But then again, I figured, what the hell?


Photos: Eleni T.

Victorian High-Neck Blouse – H&M (similar)

Vinyl Skirt – Pull & Bear

Wooden Necklace & Crossbody Bag – FeelWood Bags

Sunglasses – Vintage (similar)

Vinyl Shoes – H&M (similar)

Socks – Calzedonia

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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