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Last days of December and I’m sitting here, freaking out about the days gone by and the way they have. Damn, everyone keeps saying 2017 has not been a piece of cake of a year, and I know it myself it has not been for me either

But do we ever say a year has been nice? Like, we keep seeing all these stupid “November be nice, December be kind” and crap (excuse the language), but do we ever see them as that? Kind?

What, would you say, is a kind month like to you?

Lol brunette Carrie Bradshaw is back, everyone.

I’ve got another yet festive look for you, the 3rd part of the so called Red Series. So festive, you can tell from the look on my face. Really excited for the holidays. Almost out of breath.

And I mean dead excited.

Lol jk. I love the holidays. Everyone is so happy to buy shit we most definitely don’t need. But, still, we’re so happy. Everything looks cute and adorned and cozy and people feel the need to be kinder and dress fancier.

Why do we do this only once in a year?

Would this lose its grace had we been doing this everyday since forever? Like, not only on Christmas?


Anywho. Today we take our red jumper trip to the land of the blazer dresses. It’s the easy way out of a deep plunge dress of any type but I do recommend that you go for the double-buttoned blazer kind. I love blazers. They’re so perfectly classy, you instantly feel and look like you’ve got your sh*t together (what’s with this today?), even if it’s 08.00 AM, you’re running late to work and have only woken up 20 minutes ago. Yesh. Exactly what I need.

And so, as women are extra happy wearing either a dress or a blazer, someone decided that these two collided, because they were like “IMAGINE what would happen if these two made babies”. And they made it, the blazer dress. And moved onto the tux dress, etc.

Beautiful. Ain’t this all the Christmas spirit itself? Ain’t this what Christmas is about?

The story of the birth of the blazer dress, on a starry night?

Offensive right there, Violet. But still I’m innocently joking of course.


As you can tell the sleeves are round-like. I’ve been loving this design lately. It’s so weird and impressive. The dress is also A-line so it’s straight flattering to any body type 😉


Polka dot tights are also one of my latest things. Pls don’t ask me why, I’ve always hated them and now this happens. Typical woman growing up.

-Block heel shoes, something that can easily take you from noon to night, even if this is my recommendation for a night out. These are square-toe and look like my granny’s newest love, so I love them mainly because of that. –


-Green bag because Christmas, boy. Put a little something on it to enhance it; a silky scarf is a good something. –


-Rings and my everyday watch for some hand modeling. –


-New pair of earrings, because I already had very few as you can tell… Gold is the greatest 3rd wheel for the black-red duo. –

Photos: Evan V.

Blazer Dress – Zara

Turtleneck – Sfera

Tights – Calzedonia

Earrings – Asos

Watch – Reclaimed Vintage

Handbag – Benetton

Shoes – Mango


thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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