Fear not; the Pastel Guide

Today we’re talking about this very certain part of our society. The ones that like unicorns and candy. The ones that wish to squeeze every single pug they see on the street. The ones that like their coats and accessories extra fancy and are happy to see Paris Hilton back in the spotlight. Yas, my lovely and exceptional reader, I’m talking about you.


Okay now let’s just ignore all of the above, I didn’t have any proper intro and that just came out wrong.

So how exactly are pastels proper for wintertime? Pastel colours bond well with both each other and other, even darker colours. The light they emit eases the heavy winter combinations and makes them more pleasing to the eye. In other words it’s a great way to avoid constant total black looks, if you wish to, Anyway, due to my latest craze on pastels (aka the Scream Queens effect) and Pantone’s recent Colors of the Year 2016 release, I came to pay my respects to the existence of these cute colors.

I myself was never into pink as a little girl. I was more of a purple lil bitch and growing up I actually hated both of them lol. But ever since I started developing my current style (which I’m still in the process of figuring out don’t judge ugh), I fell for pink. And along came all of the other smooth and dusty toned colors. In other words, I love pastels. I wish I could wear cream tights and pink/baby blue/lilac outfits every day. But then I’d probably look like a failed girly anime character, wouldn’t I… So I came up with some every day, or not so, ideas on how to nail the look;

  • Coats. Start with one in a basic line. I’m a fan of statement pieces and to some people bold coloured coats are also that. If paired with maybe a pair of jeans and a tee or white shirt it can definitely be worn at school or work. For an evening look, a navy outfit would be a key – navy always looks fine with pastels.

or, for the daring, fur is more than welcome;

  • Dresses. Dress=cute. Dress+pastel=extra cute. Don’t fear stepping out of your comfort zone and, especially, don’t ignore patterns. Just try to go for a piece that would look equally good both with and without tights.
  • Shoes. Shoes are kings. Them and the ideal handbag can define the whole thing you’ve got going on over there. Head-turning details are the magic wand to an almost boring outfit. To feel more confident with your choice, pair your cigarette trousers with pastel pointed pumps, cause who said pastels can’t look sexy? Go for soft nude for more alternatives. But pretty please avoid transparent skin coloured tights and ankle socks; no one wants that, not even you. Deep down you know it yourself.
  • Bags. Not much left to say here – pick an eye capturing piece and you’re good to go. Structured handbags are owning the game right now.
  • Jewelry. This season, too much is not enough. Long necklaces and drop earrings, decorated with big multicoloured stones, faceted or not, are a must therefore you can’t go wrong with intensely sparkling jewelry. Chokers are also really in, so wearing a really soft shade means you cannot possibly look like you have a dog tag on, like I did back in my supposedly grunge phase 🙂


thank you for reading, I hope this was somehow inspiring. Make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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