Fig & Grappa

(Grappa as in the type of winish drink, I didn’t misspell grandpa lol)


Hello, fellas!

How are things? Has your summer been fun? Has July been “kind” to you? *unnecessary reference to all these monthly tumblr inspired “[…] please be nice to me” images*

As always, I’m here to document my latest outfit choices, this time with something less loud.

I’ve been feeling like dressing more retro lately – idk maybe it’s all that Tom Waits I’ve been listening to – and I truly think this post perfectly underlines the “easy living” sense I wanted to capture.

In my recent vacation, I had the luck to hang out in my friend’s trailer. Even as a kid, I’ve always wanted one of these things. I was fascinated by the very idea of being able to move a small house-like thing just about anywhere. It reminded me of pretty, old movies and gave me a feeling of an endless summer, that one thing every kid in history surely wanted.

So, this time things did roll easily – I put almost zero effort in this outfit. Isn’t this the essence of dressing up in summer? And dressing up generally anyway? The trailer just fit as a spot, too.

The main thing here were these paperbag peg trousers. I’ve been obsessed with trousers lately, especially with peg ones, and these looked so cute, I couldn’t just pass. And the best thing is they’re just amazingly comfy – have you had a lot to eat but need to be out after? NO PROBLEMO. These guys serve the very purpose of you not having to suck your belly in, because, let’s face it, we all do it and we all hate to do it.

I paired my retro trousers with one of my favorite purchases lately, this corset you’ve seen before. This thing makes everything look a lot more put together and delicate in seconds. Me like a lot.

You know, I’ve come to the conclusion that cats aren’t jerks after all. They just get bored and fed up more easily than dogs do and show it. Which is what I do, so who am I to judge, heh?

But besides that, even if I’m a dog person, the dog version of this shirt didn’t look as fancy.

Anyways, pajama shirts have come to stay – they’ve stuck around for a reason; they’re usually of a smooth and light texture and give you this sense and look of leisure you seek for in your not-so-lazy days. Tuck them in your mom or bf jeans, flared trousers or some pleated midi skirt and you’ve got yourself a hella nice outfit going on. And never, I say ever, be afraid of a little mix & match with your patterns.

Okay, look at these faces <3

Another thing I’ve been loving are these pointy flat mules. I swear the first time I wore these my feet cursed me, but I got used to them pretty easily. I had to, they’re really cute. I mean, life is hard and then you die. The things you love the most always end up hurting you and most of my pairs of shoes do that for me, damn.

Photos: Lila T.

Pajama Shirt – Mango (similar)

Corset – ASOS

Peg Trousers – ZARA

Sunglasses – Vintage

Slippers – Topshop

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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