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Today we’re going a lot more casual. It’s the first time I can actually say I’ve been running from class to class, all except for this last week that I’ve been homebound as, man, I did honor the typical winter me; I got terribly sick. Hooray for the tea and the blankets and the whining!

Speaking of which blankets, this whole outfit was shot on a very VERY cold day and I couldn’t have skipped my all-time-favorite oversized wool coat, that I’ve been pairing like crazy with my new pair of Nike’s Presto Fly trainers.

You see, once you ruin your knees you no longer get to carelessly run around in heels like you did before.

Lol please try and picture that…

Then, as for the outfit itself, it’s been really easy for me to get ready in the morning with this new put-together-but-not-excessively style I’ve attained. For some reason, I firstly go for the trousers, then I pick the top and the rest of the outfit.

I’ve been so comfy in loose, peg leg or straight high waisted trousers because they fit hella fine if you eat while away from home 😉 I paired it with a burgundy knitted turtleneck – the Tres Violette staple – and threw my lovely check blazer on top. As a belt, I kept the scarf the pants came with as I loved its contrast with the blazer, the coat and the shoes. You can tell yourselves that the whole mood of the outfit itself is a hybrid.

*some weird ass stuff – whatever he tells me to do, I go ahead and do it*

…And I’ve been going bananas over these – I love me a great pair of clean white trainers and these have the perfect kind of exaggerated heel. I was lucky enough to get them on a 50% sale on DangerousMinds, the day after I first spotted them. I pair them with pretty much anything – leather jackets, all kinds of coats, including fur ones, jeans, plaid pants, dresses. I keep the rest of it highly “put together” and classy or extremely futuristic and throw these on.

Accessorizing came easily as well, as I only got out with my new Mockberg watch on. As for my overstuffed handbag, I kept my minimalistic office city bag as it made me look a bit more school or work appropriate and kept the referred contrast at its highest.

Photos: Evan V.

Turtleneck – Sfera

Check Blazer – H&M

Trousers – Mango

Coat – H&M

Bag – Zara

Shoes – Nike

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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