French Candy Made of Christmas

What’s with my titles and my sugar needs? Wrong diet goals are one thing for sure.

Also is it Monday?

Why am I posting on a Monday?

What? It’s not like I have had a schedule with outfit posting anyway?

Fine. But you know what I’m gonna give myself some credit for at least trying, so, there there Violet.

There there.


Today, I have the extreme pleasure of presenting you with the first of a three-part series of festive posts. The idea came to me accidentally but is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now.

All three posts have one main thing in common; a red high-neck sweater.

So, I’ll be showing you 3 ways of styling a red sweater for Christmas.

Everyone owns one of these. And even if you don’t, it’s quite basic – therefore easy to find – and a great investment; red is both a confident and a romantic color, so it mostly works wonders to any outfit.

Today, we’re doing the daytime look, a really cheerful yet chic one. I just still think I should’ve been holding a baguette.

I got these vinyl trousers on Topshop, several months ago. Never got the chance to wear them as I wouldn’t recommend them on a hot day, but still thought the color would look fire winter come.

And this is the proof I needed to see for myself that hot pink works truly fine with red. I do recommend that you buy a pair of vinyl pants though, unless they’re the legging kind.

I hate these. Don’t buy. I’ll be judging you. Right with this face…

Yeah that face.

Moving right along, you should know by now that I rarely ever go out without a pair of earrings on – this, again, is a mix & match, as I wanted to keep it casual but also go half extra. I mean, damn it, look at the rest of the look this is not even a problem lol.

Tbh I tried the red beret just for the meme. And considering color blocking is always a good idea, it did look good. And I felt stupid for making fun of it but also proud of my instinct.

Shh, the instinct.

Some mornings are just stressful enough on their own, and you don’t need uncomfortable shoes to remind you of that. Kitten heels have been my morning staple way too often throughout the year and I couldn’t think of any other shoe for this very look.

BTW, these are my second pair of the kind – I loved them so, that once the other ones got ruined I got a second one, so pls go ahead and get a pair, they’re a true solution to any problem.

Even if your problem is your noisy neighbor or stupid boss 🙂

Stay tuned for the rest of the Red Series <3

Photos: Evan V.

Houndstooth Blazer – H&M

Turtleneck – Sfera

Vinyl Leather Trousers – Topshop

Ankle Boots – Mango

Sunglasses – Asos

Earrings – Asos

Leather Gloves – Sisley


thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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