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Why, hello…

I’ve been expecting you…


No, I have not. You know I should really work on my intros, they’ve dangerously started to suck.

SO, to begin with, I’m really excited about today’s post. It’s something fresh to me and it was really fun to shoot. It’s some kind of collaboration with a dear friend of mine, Miltiadis (@homeboyonett). I’ve always thought he’s quite the thing when it came to what he wore and how he posed. One can easily tell he’s into fashion and I love how he mixes and spices things up, so I suggested next time we saw each other we turned the whole thing into a photoshoot.

That said, I should add, neither of us knew what the other was going to wear. And despite that, we turned up looking like we had it all planned.

And as the pictures speak for themselves, and let’s face it, they’re a lot, I won’t be adding much.

For that day I based everything on this blood red vinyl skirt I had just gotten on Forever21. I thought of throwing a plain white shirt on but it was too damn hot for me to cover my whole arms (DAMN AGAIN, AND DOUBLE DAMN). So, I figured, has the day come yet?

And yes, the day had indeed come.

The day that I’d finally experiment on wearing a plain white shirt in one of all these pretty ways you see on the media.

I’m not really sure whether I’ve seen this on ManRepeller or Chatoyant21 (head there for the ultimate DIY solutions) but it was really easy to  and looks really fancy. You just wear the shirt on your bust a la bandeau (is this a thing? do people say this in French or did I just make a case of the awkwards?) with the sleeves hanging from the sides, beneath your arms. You button it up, all the way it goes, and you just tie the sleeves on the front, covering the buttons and creating volume with a faux bow. Voila!

Anyways, I had already been wearing a frilly bralette underneath and by all luck it happened to look just right that way. I let the straps fall off of my shoulders – you also get extra coverage wirh the whole strapless thing, just like I’ve previously mentioned on L’emozione.

By now you should know vinyl is one of my favorite textures to work with when dressing – it’s glossy and if you stay inside the lines your outfit is just the right amount of trashy lol. Red is also a great deal when it comes to anything leathery, so yas, go for such a piece blindfolded.

Okay, not really blindfolded, just make sure you get the right size and fit, gosh.

As for footwear I went for my blockheeled slingbacks, paired with my rose embroidered socks from ASOS and I don’t think I went wrong hehe. EXTRA ALWAYS PAYS OFF, MY FRIENDS.

Now for mr Miltiadis, his style comes of some mix of hip-hop garments and grunge inspired tones he chose a longline baggy tee with Bella Hadid on, because, you know, the Hadids.

He paired this with some plain black towel shorts – volume, again, is always a good idea.

To keep the extra just about proper (as. if.) you can tone it down a bit, avoiding oversized shoes. In this case, Miltiadis kept it saucy with a pair of adorned sporty socks and classic checkerboard slip-ons by Vans.

As if matching outfits weren’t enough, and we defo had to have the sock thing paired, too.


Loved how we worked until sundown.



Photos: Lila T.

I am wearing

Shirt – Vintage

Skirt – Forever21

Socks – ASOS (similar)

Heels – Raid

Sunglasses – DE


He is wearing

T-shirt – DIY (032c Culture Magazine Transfer Kit)

Shorts – H&M

Socks – ZARA

Checkerboard Slip-ons – Vans

Sunglasses – DE

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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