How to; Fake a Pair of Cargo Pants

I love randomly finding interesting spots to take pictures at. This one is quite close to my place and I hadn’t found out about it, up until now.

Today I’ll be showing you a trick I pride to be my own discovery. Okay, I’m pretty sure millions of people have done it before me, BUT I hadn’t seen it anywhere before rocking it, soooooooo let’s call me a trendsetter and leave it at that because damnit!!!




I’ve worn this before, paired with lace-up army boots, and it truly did work better, but it still looks pretty cool with a pair of heels. It’s not much of a deal – take any pair of loose suit trousers you own and tie a cord around your ankles. It creates the paper bag effect, which isn’t really to be confused with cargo, but, in my case, khaki did all the hard work. If I’m being honest, the whole look gave me Jacquemus vibes at first and now that I’m looking at it again closely I’m more like “yah bish you wish”.


For the rest of the look, I went casual and natural as per usual. I threw a basic skinny tank top on, mixed the stripes of my overshirt with a plaid belt and kept a silk-ish blazer on. Accessories were pretty much the same – a pair of extra faux-looking 2000 Barbie sunglasses and my latest jewelry crush that are acrylic earrings.





I kept my footwear classy – I went for my vintage Pollini pumps, which I just attained as the valuable contribution of a dear friend. Cute, huh?



Photos: Evan V.

Silk Blazer – Mango

Shirt – ASOS

Trousers – Mango

Belt – Mango

Earrings – The Outlier

Shoes – Pollini

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet


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