La Femme

Look at me, all careless,

minding my own business,

fully unaware of anyone taking pictures of me,

walking my way to my gallery.

A poem!

Today we’re going as a woman who is sure about things – don’t I look like someone who knows what they’re doing?

Aaaah, see? Unagi.

I’ve worn this so many times, maybe replacing the leather jacket with a blazer, and it’s always done the trick. It’s a really comfy yet feminine look and it’s great for school, a walk or pretty much anything you’d like.

(insert French quote that actually means something) or “My kind sir, I’m going to stare at you so that I can pull off that deep and meaningful look, thank you.

No, wait – where are you going?!”

I should let you know, these trousers are super important. ELECTIONS KIND IMPORTANT.

Apart from all the joking though, wide leg pants may look scary at first but once you pair them with a thing or two you’re going to want to wear this thing every day. They’re a much more comfy and impressive alternative for flared trousers and, for both these things, we like. I’ll make sure to post lots of extra ideas of how to style these bad babies, so stay tuned (keeping y’all curious and faithful). Exactly because of the high waist, these trousers look equally fine with both skinny and baggy tops, so I did both lol.

*Taking a closer look, you will notice my jacket is 80’s inspired – puffy sleeves are again the go-to for the season. You can also pair this with a skater skirt of any length or even skinny jeans for some really cool moto outfit. *

For the sake of the French feels I’ve been having lately I went for a skinny bardot crop – ofc stripped. I didn’t want to leave my neck unadorned, so I went for a long skinny scarf; this looks even better than going for some necklace or pendant, as it intensified the “height” and movement of the whole look. You can use a soft belt as a substitute, like the one on my jeans.

Some rich red lipstick and a beret are essentialthese two combine beautifully with stripes.

*excuse me, who stands like this?

As for the shoes, I’ve been head over heels with these ankle boots – I got these back in Spring but hardly ever got the chance to wear them – saw them on Danielle Bernstein of WeWoreWhat and instantly fell in love. If I want to be honest, at first, I was desperate as they were killing me but I only had to break in them and voilà! (See? pure Frenchie.)

I highly recommend that you invest in a pair of kitten heels or a pair of ankle boots of the kind or as they’re just enough high to look fancy and help you get through the day like a normal person not grieving their feet.

Photos: Eleni T.

80’s Faux Leather Jacket – Bershka (similar)

Bardot Top – Missguided (similar)

Wide Leg Trousers – ZARA (similar)

Ankle Boots – ZARA (similar)

Sunglasses – ASOS (similar)

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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