Leather Weather

I love skirts. I can’t go two days without wearing one or at least trying it on. I haven’t always done so, as I spent my teen years thinking they were stupid and I’d feel uncomfortable or weirdly girly having one on. As it turns out, I’m more of a skirt/dress person than I thought I were and lately I’ve been showing this plain black A-line one some great love. A-lines are perfect, for they flatter any body type, making waist, hips and legs look thinner. This one, truly customizable as it is, matches anything whether I’m going for a daytime or a dressier look and it’s the comfiest piece I own.


It’s been a little chilly, so until now I’ve only been seeking for a chance to throw my biker jacket on. Ofc the weather was a jerk and got hotter but me no care, so I still wore it.

DSCN0152 (2)

I chose a sleeveless button down and the most 70’s-inspired of accesories you see everywhere these days – the skinny scarf. To complete the look I went for my Love Moschino quilted bag and to be able to walk I wore my Vagabond Dioon boots, which are really easy to walk in, even all day long.


*don’t stare I might get sassy*




Sleeveless Button Down Blouse – Twenty-29 (similar here)

A-line Skirt & Skinny Scarf – Zara (found here & here)

Leather Jacket – Silvian Heach (similar here)

Chunky Ankle Boots – Vagabond

Quilted Clutch Bag – Love Moschino

Round Sunglasses – Vintage (similar here)

thank you for reading & tell me what you think,

xoxo Violet


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