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In my recent adult years I’ve come to the realization that I’ve always felt quite confused as to what purpose a piece of jewelry serves. Regardless of the fact that I own an overflowing wardrobe of clothes, my relationship with accessories has always been a tricky part. It would always either be a pair of statement earrings or nothing, as I thought that a pair of faux earrings would slip under anyone’s radar, whereas a cheap ring, necklace or even a watch would be a complete faux pas. That said, one can easily understand why I did indulge in earring purchases but only owned 3 or 4 less-affordable yet worthy pieces.

After graduating and having to move out, I came face-to-face with a huge pile of things; things of no value or possible further use of mine, and so I started selling or giving things away. That was when I decided I shall start investing in more precious jewelry that would actually mean something to me.

One company that I have long now been a fan of is Links of London, therefore this seemed as a great chance for me to reboot my jewelry collection. The company specializes on usually simple but always beautiful designs of high quality that one can easily tell.

I trusted Links of London with engraving a beautiful 18kt pendant for me. I always wondered how come I never felt weird about “stamping” myself with tattoos but did feel as if engraving a piece of jewelry would be quite the commitment. I went for a rose gold shade, as I feel it compliments every skin type (I swear it does!) and requested that they engraved my precious pendant with one of my tattoos: as Lana says, light lies among all the things that make me who I am, so the Italian word “luce” lies gracefully in the center of my oval medallion, just like it does on my ribs.



The pendant arrived carefully packed in a branded Links of London bag and the prettiest little box, that featured the piece wrapped in a small bow – details so tiny yet so important to any customer that you can never just pass.

The message is crystal clear; it came in amazing detail, fully satisfying even the strictest of customers (see also: me) and I couldn’t be happier with my choice.

Engraving a piece of jewelry can make for an amazing and really sentimental gift, especially with Christmas approaching. Links of London offers a huge selection of engravable jewelry and even watches of amazing quality, that features its cautious engraving service for free. You get to choose the piece, the message, plus the style and size of the font used. Depending on the piece, you also get to pick the side you want your message engraved on (front or back).

How about engraving the back of a watch? Talk about heavy romance!



I must admit I was really curious as to what wearing it would feel like.

And I haven’t taken it off ever since I received it.


-Don’t think hard, think love-


Find my pendant here:




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