My 2017 Best Keeps, pt.1

Happy New Year, fellas! Are you all ready for a new you?

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I’m gonna try and keep this post as short as possible – it’s the first part of a duo where I’ll be showing you the things I used or wore the most throughout the year. I’d like to note that this is in no way a sponsored post – there are all things I’ve been using for the past months and truly loved as a casual consumer.

So, let’s move right along!



Taking your make-up off at the end of a long day or even after a night out is a no-skip ritual. I personally NEVER go to bed in my make-up, even if I’m drunk as hell – I’ve noticed that even drunk I always take it off, always brush my teeth and comb my hair before bed, so I can wake up extra exhausted dehydrated and sick the next day, but at least with a half-fresh look on, right?

Lately, I’ve been using Garnier’s SkinActive Micellaire Water and Gel Wash and I’ve been really satisfied as they really feel like they get rid of all the bad stuff.

I have mixed, normal to combination skin which in the winter turns right against me and hates me. I tend to have huge sensitivity to the cold weather, so even if my skin is naturally combination, it becomes dehydrated.

Unless you face the same problem as me, I recommend the Natura Siberica Loves Esthonia series.

But, if you do face the problem mentioned above, I without a doubt recommend the Estée Lauder DayWear Multi-Protection Anti-Oxidant cream, with SPF 25 and an oil-free consistency.

As for facing the oiliness and the occasional spots, the Effaclar Duo (+) by La Roche-Posay has been my bff and savior ever since high school.


Having my make-up on all day is my least favorite thing and even if I try to avoid it, my schedule is so busy that it actually prevents me from taking the time to renew it through the day. Also, the lack of rest makes my skin look really tired, so I swear by facial masks. Right now, I’ve by my side the following;

  • for my bad pore days

Tony Moly’s Egg Pore Tightening & Cooling Mask

Natura Siberica’s Organic Shop Algae & Sea Mud Mask


  • for my really exhausting days

Tony Moly’s Panda’s Dream White Sleeping Mask

Natura Siberica’s Organic Shop Rejuvenating Coffee & Silk Mask

Tzimas Cosmetics Herbal Camomile & Aloe Mask


  • for my I want baby-soft skin days

Natura Siberica’s Organic Shop Coffee & Limonnik Scrub



I’ve been off acne trouble ever since high school, so other than my ever-existing dark circles I don’t have much I need to hide – this means I don’t need high coverage make-up and adding the fact that I hate heavy stuff I’ve been off foundation for a while now. There are days when other than some setting powder over my bear skin, I go for the Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant by La Roche-Posay. This is more of a skincare than a make-up product, but I use it as foundation, so there you go. Same goes for the Pore Refining Solutions Cream by Clinique, which I use as a primer as it really does suck all the extra moisture out.

I’m usually crazy for lipsticks but only go for earthy shades or a classic and classy red. This year I’ve been loving

Lip Lingerie in Embellishment by Nyx

Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Desirable by Estée Lauder

Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick in Grey Sunrise by Wycon

Infallible Mega Lip Gloss in 110 I Got the Power by L’Oreal Paris

Pure Color Envy Lipstick in Impassioned by Estée Lauder

Matte Lipstick in Whirl by MAC


My all-time favorite, Estée Lauder’s Impassioned.


As for eye make-up, I’ve been loving the Force of Nature pallette by Sleek, which is matte and a lot similar to this one. and my custom made Wycon Trio Palette, consisting of no3, no39 and no40 no3 makes an awesome icy highlighter and no40 an equally awesome dusty blush. I’ve also been a great fan of Essence’s Stay All Day 16th Concealer, Eyebrow Gel and nail polishes.



I’ve had long hair for as long as I remember myself. I’ve never been into heat styling as my hair is naturally straight and not easy to tame and get curled etc., so I’ve become friends with the fact that it is what it is, and I love it like that. I’d only been dying it a bit darker for the past 4 years, using light and plant based hair dye, but I have been trying to get my natural color back for a while now.

That said, even if I have pretty strong hair, I like to keep it healthy anyway. Right now, I’m loving Gliss’ Keratin Infused Cream and 6-Miracles Oil Essence. In the summer I made a great use out of Kyana’s Sun Care Mask as it kept my hair from breaking due to excess exposure to water and the sun.


As for styling, I swear by Wella’s Wellaflex Hairspray and the whole Batiste dry shampoo series, to keep my hair volumized and good looking, whereas the past few months I’ve been crazy over the Precious Oils Spray by Timotei nonstop – it’s a dry oil-like watery spray that keeps your hair hydrated and non-frizzy, while also smells like heaven. Great refreshing tool, definitely keep it in mind!



Keeping our skin hydrated doesn’t just revolve the facial part – both in the summer and the winter our skin needs some extra aid (mine gets extra dry) and lately Le Petit Marseillais Body Balms have been doing the trick for me.



Anyone that knows me well, knows that I never, EVER, walk out of my apartment without a lip balm and my perfume in my purse. I’m a perfume junkie, I keep my perfume collection on a shelf in my room and I casually smell the leftover in each bottle as I have each perfume linked to any rather remarkable experience or memory in my past life. I also like to change perfumes every now and then (all until I turn 30 – I hope I’ll have chosen my signature perfume by then), so I usually go for the 30ml versions, to keep myself from getting sick of the smell.




Right now, Because It’s You by Emporio Armani is my go-to smell. It kind of reminds me or Eros by Versace which is also one of my favorites ever – Armani’s perfume mainly consists of berries and rose, so it leaves this rich, intense, kind of sweet note behind.

Before Because It’s You, I’d been wearing both versions of Fresh Couture by Moschino, the first edition and the flowery – these smell gorgeous, really youthfully, and everyone loves the packaging. You can easily see they’re empty now…

I’d also been wearing BOSS Jour by hugo Boss, a really elegant and delicate feminine perfume, ideal for any hour of the day.



For the past 2 years only I’ve been collecting jewelry – right before that I wouldn’t wear any. So, as it turned out, I like earrings as much as eating cake probably. Which is a lot. I also have a thing for rings, but I guess I could be doing a separate jewelry post sometime in the future. So, currently, I’m making the most out of the ones shown above and below, most of which are Mango and H&M. The necklace and silver ring are Tartarooga as you’ve seen in older posts.

Other Accessories

Sunglasses are my other love – as you can tell by going through my Instagram, those strict Cat Eye ones from Asos are my actual favorites – people’s responses to these are just priceless. Pretty much everything in this picture comes from Asos – the oval sunnies and the watch are Reclaimed Vintage and from the male department. The belt is car seat inspired and I love the rose gold tone on it as it can be paired with pretty much anything.


Photos: Evan V.


thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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