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You guys, I haven’t had regular lunch in almost a week. I’ve been too bored to cook anything, simple or fancy, and I’ve relied solely on oil popped popcorn, oatmeal and fruit. I’ve been baking tons of sweet goodies, always buying candy when out and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (this show kills me) – long story short, going down a hole of nutritional desperation and completely wasting my time. *But* I did not neglect to work out, not even once, so I guess I’m still considered healthy? No? Okie dokie. Anywayz, besides eating garbage these days I’ve spent most of my time in athleisure or pajamas, so dressing up for public places has been a challenge and I feel like I’ve lost my dressing skills. Oh wait, is that the sweet sound of popping corn? You bet it is.


ah so confident

1 IMG_2180

So, in an attempt to go out looking civilized, I took the chance to make full use of the nice weather and dressed quite lightly, with just a long line blazer on top.

2 IMG_2170


Before leaving my apartment I felt like sth was missing and did the unthinkable; I ran in my bedroom to grab my fur stole. In my shoes. Anyone who knows me, knows well that the thought of a dirty floor tortured me every minute I was out. OCD rules. Back to my furry friend, I think it really compliments and completes the outfit.



This blazer is one of the most elegant pieces I own, and for many particular reasons. I think it’s the slim waist, the length, shoulder design and absence of a collar that make it so strict and sexy. It’s one of these pricy Zara designs that don’t look like it because they’re so well crafted.


Just like many other clothes of mine recently, I had this dress altered as well. I had it shortened and as I wanted it to look more like a shift rather than a sack-like dress, I also had the waistline tightened. I love the texture and pattern and how it’s so colorful and sparkly up close 🙂

5 IMG_2199

As the dress is sleeveless itself, I felt like wearing it on top of sth just to make this more of a daytime outfit, like a dungaree dress. This very blouse was the perfect choice exactly for the ribbon it carries. As for the rest, I held a small plain pine-green bag and wore my burgundy blutchers so as to match evenly the colours on my dress with my accessories.

6 IMG_2245

*what could I possibly be looking for in such a small bag lol*

P.S. I’m wearing YSL Rouge Pur Couture Satin Radiance Lipstick in the shade no.7 Le Fuchsia.

Photos: Myrto Ch.

Longline Blazer – Zara (similar here)

Shift Dress – Toi&Moi (similar here)

Bow Tie Blouse – Forever21 (similar here)

Cateye Sunglasses – Emporio Armani (similar here)

Bag – Benetton

Blutchers – Zara (similar here)

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xoxo Violet

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