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Hello, you, hello. How are things? How are you rolling? Is bananas still the sh*t? Because last time I checked Gwen was thrilled.

It’s been a month since my last post – I’ve been studying for my finals and I’m glad I got to pull this off. In the meantime I think I jumped from a certain phase into another, as for many things. One of those is the way I dress, which I guess, you’ll see in the near future.

Another, is how I finally let my eyebrows get bushier. SO GLAD.

And I also got tattooed.


Just to clear something up, I am not channeling Ariana Grande. For this outfit I was actually kind of inspired by Marc Jacob’s SS17 collection. You know, the one with all the metallics and controversies. I think of it as one of the fresher things we saw for this season, so yeah.



I wanted to create a space-inspired girly look, that’s why you see a mix of transparency, metallics and florals.



To begin with, I’ve been loving this top that looks like a babydoll garment (classy hint for the reason behind the title). It will instantly brighten up any kind of clothing you pair it with, it’s both cute and sexy, and it’s Topshop.

Statement accessories couldn’t be missing – oversized sunglasses, same sized disk earrings and a chain belt are the way to get closer to the MJ SS17 look.

I couldn’t braid my hair the way the models did (and let me say, after all that war towards Marc, I don’t think I even wanted to lol), so I just went for a really high ponytail.


I’ve also recently realized I’m a shoe addict, while clearing stuff out. It is definitely pretty casual for a woman, I just hadn’t really figured it out so far. These seemed like the last essential detail for this look and, ofc, you can never go wrong pairing cute shoes with plain white sport socks.

Photos: Lila T.

Sheer Top – Topshop

Floral Skirt – Benetton (similar)

Belt – Asos (similar)

Sandals – Zara

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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