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You know those things, that you talk to other people through, like, the mobile phones? Yeah, I don’t have one of these.

I usually end up screwing my devices up without even knowing how. So, as of yesterday I’m cellphone-ly naked and feel like an ascetic *well there goes the drama already*. The thing is you feel a certain kind of safety walking with this thing on you, which is maybe weird and really not good. I mean there are so many other ways to communicate and yet we still rely on this little thing because it keeps our hands busy. So, for these days when I’m left with no cellphone, I’ll try to make the best out of my time with the people I love.


This very post felt weird to write because I really have nothing to say. I’m thinking “I wore this and this and that because, well, they look good together, k bye”, but I am going to at least make the effort.

Lately I’ve been head over heels with this fishnet top – moving one step further from just tights. I’ve worn this in so many ways and I think I could wear it in a hundred others. Mostly, just like today’s example, I throw it on top of t-shirts and other tops, to create the illusion that I actually took care of my outfit, tah-dah! You can, therefore, wear this on top or underneath a t-shirt, over a shirt or a singler, with maybe a corset, tucked in or over a skirt and, for the really daring, over a cute bralette or bustier.

As for the bottoms, I went for my so-called Mia Wallace trousers, that you’ve seen again on #tresviolette, as I thought it’d be a good and chicer alternative for jeans with this top. I put everything together throwing my favorite duster mac on, because earthy tones break a good total black look. Plus, it was windy so I got to use its “flowy” skills #success.

I highly doubt there will soon be a post where I’m not wearing ankle boots. I got these on ASOS and I bet one can easily tell the reason was the clear heel. One detail to look out for is the height of the boots – if they reach the ankle and maybe the calf these things look great with skirts. In case, though, it doesn’t, just like these, you should probably go for jeans or a midi skirt – anything not too short whatsoever. That way you secure that you don’t look shorter.

I also went for a pair of bold, statement earrings as the rest of the outfit was really simple.


Photos: Lila T.

Duster Trench Coat – ZARA (similar)

Fishnet Top – Monki

T-shirt – Tripp NYC

Kick Flare Trousers – ZARA (similar)

Ankle Boots – ASOS (similar)

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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