Strange Fruit

Sup, friends. How are you doing? How are things roooolling? Why do I sound like a completely awkwardly need-to-be-cool American mom?

AND how is your Black Friday going so far?

May I just add over here, I consider this day fully stupid, but I shall dig into this in another post.

Anywho, I am really excited for today’s post as I’ve been meaning to shoot this for a while now. Now one could easily think, what’s so special, you’re once more just wearing clothes and existing. But hey, this is my kingdom. Behave! Peasant!

Now, would I want to lose the only few people reading my sh*t?



Today I’m going to reveal the source of my love for otk boots. It’s this thing you’re seeing. Not this thing.

Neither is it this one^



What I mean is, you throw a longline thing on top – a dress, a skirt, even your coat – and you create the illusion of an endless leg.

Now imagine the world filled up with countless legs. Or like a freakishly tall leg, circling the earth. Endlessly.

Why are you still here?

Anyway, now I should get serious. The thought was for me to pair an asymmetric midi skirt with my otk boots for this exact purpose. In an effort to create this image you really need to consider your proportions – my skirt is almost bodycon, so gives me the chance to play with volume on top, whether I choose baggy or skinny lines.

I went for a statement shirt – intense spot pattern, bow neck and bold balloon-like sleeves. Did the job of breaking a total black outfit just great. Now, in case you own something like this, you shouldn’t hesitate to pair it with just anything. Black is not your only choice just because it’s safe. But we’ll see about that later on #tresviolette.

– an oversized patent belt to intensify the waist (volumes, right?) and  a colored bag to make it all a bit more youthful –

golden details to enhance the black & white picture; plain oval hoops as the rest of the outfit is already loud –

Beware though; I at first though wearing a pair of electric blue boots could work out just because of the color. Mine are velvet but the skirt is chiffon. One is way thicker than the other so these two wouldn’t have looked exactly good together. Leather is usually safer, so know your textures good.

Photos: Evan V.

Top – H&M

Asymmetric Skirt – ZARA

Boots – ZARA

Belt – H&M

Earrings – ASOS

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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