Thoughts on; 2016 – wait what?

Gotta warn you, this will be long, boring and heartfelt.

As you may have noticed, I’ve been taking a break from the internet for quite some time now. I thought I needed a fresh mind to start over equally fresh, plus my partners had been away until very recently. So, I decided it was time I posted my 2016 recap.

2016 was a crazy year. I mean, at the end of every year you pretty much always think it went crazier than expected. But this has been quite something for me. And this will be my most sincere try to put it into words.

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Thoughts on; the New Year’s Resolutions Thingy

I know most of us if not all start a new year with certain thoughts and anticipations. These so-called resolutions, where everyone feels like altering a diet, an everyday schedule, their apartment decoration, their love life. And what exactly are these resolutions? Do we ever fulfill what we promise ourselves in the earliest days of a new year? Does doing…read more