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Ready-to-Wear FW16/17; Milan

I might have left this post in my drafts for a while… Okay, maybe some days. Or months actually but don’t judge me. But I finally got the chance to finish it, so here you go;


Alessandro Michele makes beautiful clothes. That was my exact thought when I first looked at these designs; “how beautiful” (anyone else reminded of the new Gucci muse’s famous song? As if none of us expected Florence would get the part). There is diversity – so much diversity – in the materials, the colors, the lines. And shine. Both the one that comes from sparkly embroidery, jewels or just satin. So, the house kept the soul of the SS16 collection and enriched it. It was the same retro-geeky but also playful and romantic style and, yet, it still made me gasp a little. I mean, how can anyone these days not identify a Gucci girl?

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