The Calling


How are you, my dear, truly dear people.

I myself am good.

Quite embarrassed as I realized I can no longer finish a pizza by myself – all them stupid diets have ruined my appetite.

I used to be the girl who did the secret trip to the fridge in the middle of the night… Now, I am just …weak. read more


Strange Fruit

Sup, friends. How are you doing? How are things roooolling? Why do I sound like a completely awkwardly need-to-be-cool American mom?

AND how is your Black Friday going so far?

May I just add over here, I consider this day fully stupid, but I shall dig into this in another post.

Anywho, I am really excited for today’s post as I’ve been meaning to shoot this for a while now. Now one could easily think, what’s so special, you’re once more just wearing clothes and existing. But hey, this is my kingdom. Behave! Peasant!

Now, would I want to lose the only few people reading my sh*t?


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All That Glitters Could Be a Pair of Tights

So, Barbie called and asked for her outfit. Ha ha. But really though, this time of the year is a carnival period for my country and I thought it would be fine if I stepped out like this. I must say I received many compliments or just plain comments on my tights, like when an older man said “all I know is that the stars have come out with the daylight” (omg really tho?!) or when two other guys told me I’m shining… Okay thank you but I’m not that good with receiving guys’ compliments. It’s taken me a very long time to get used to them and I sometimes can’t handle my feminist side and end up considering every guy that whistles at me a cat-calling misogynist (yo I know I’m really trying to change that ok). But apart from that, I do appreciate a nice or even better original compliment. Because that’s what we lack; originality.

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