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The truth is when I started writing this post I had a hard time finding what to say. These days have been rolling by pretty quietly.

To be honest, I’ve come to realize I should be talking more. I was never chatty, always kept to myself most of the things I wanted to say, whether good or bad. I’m not really awkward but I’ve recently learnt to trust my guts and speak out. And I still hate talking too much. You know that thing when the owner of the apartment you’re renting is a complete arse that turns your life into a living hell, right? Well, mine is exactly that but also chatty. So chatty. Both him and his wife would call me at 16.00 and would not stop talking untill the clock hit 16.30. First off, do not call people at this time of the day. And secondly, do not call people at this time of the day.

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