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Ay people! To begin with, I hate being absent from the blog, I hate the days that I don’t post. I do it from time to time and it’s not like I do it cause I’m bored. But do you ever feel like you fail something you love just because you get no meaningful free time to spend on it? That’s it, that’s how I feel every time I don’t get to post or write about some Fashion Week and feel myself up with guilt. But apparently I had nothing better to write as an intro, so that’s that.

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The Graffiti

I am sorry I’ve been moderately active on the blog lately but I’m moving out and I’ve been really busy. This was the day I decided to give an entirely Paleo diet up and start a more balanced one. And this was also the day I had fried meatballs. I haven’t had these since like 2012? I’ve been into the…read more