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My Fur Lady

You guys, I haven’t had regular lunch in almost a week. I’ve been too bored to cook anything, simple or fancy, and I’ve relied solely on oil popped popcorn, oatmeal and fruit. I’ve been baking tons of sweet goodies, always buying candy when out and watching Brooklyn Nine-Nine (this show kills me) – long story short, going down a hole of nutritional desperation and completely wasting my time. *But* I did not neglect to work out, not even once, so I guess I’m still considered healthy? No? Okie dokie. Anywayz, besides eating garbage these days I’ve spent most of my time in athleisure or pajamas, so dressing up for public places has been a challenge and I feel like I’ve lost my dressing skills. Oh wait, is that the sweet sound of popping corn? You bet it is.


ah so confident

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