Strange Fruit

Sup, friends. How are you doing? How are things roooolling? Why do I sound like a completely awkwardly need-to-be-cool American mom?

AND how is your Black Friday going so far?

May I just add over here, I consider this day fully stupid, but I shall dig into this in another post.

Anywho, I am really excited for today’s post as I’ve been meaning to shoot this for a while now. Now one could easily think, what’s so special, you’re once more just wearing clothes and existing. But hey, this is my kingdom. Behave! Peasant!

Now, would I want to lose the only few people reading my sh*t?


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Aaaaah, July, everyone!

Heart of the summer. The season I hate, even more than getting a haircut.

July is a nice month, though. Because July is my birthday month. Other than that summer is the true enemy. Wanna know why? Because it’s hot. And do you know what the problem with that is? That it’s hot. Plain hot, yet too hot to bare. How do all these celebrities and bloggers “walk” around carelessly, pulling layered outfits off with all this heat? What is this sorcery? And where can I get me some of that?

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