The Calling


How are you, my dear, truly dear people.

I myself am good.

Quite embarrassed as I realized I can no longer finish a pizza by myself – all them stupid diets have ruined my appetite.

I used to be the girl who did the secret trip to the fridge in the middle of the night… Now, I am just …weak. read more


Strange Fruit

Sup, friends. How are you doing? How are things roooolling? Why do I sound like a completely awkwardly need-to-be-cool American mom?

AND how is your Black Friday going so far?

May I just add over here, I consider this day fully stupid, but I shall dig into this in another post.

Anywho, I am really excited for today’s post as I’ve been meaning to shoot this for a while now. Now one could easily think, what’s so special, you’re once more just wearing clothes and existing. But hey, this is my kingdom. Behave! Peasant!

Now, would I want to lose the only few people reading my sh*t?


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