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The title is for both the Cranberries song (90’s yo) and the obvious pun linger – lingerie.

So, me and Olympia have been trying to find a signature photography style for the blog and we’ve been experimenting ever since we first started working together. This time the result was a little bit edgier and to be honest I really liked it. It was both my look and the editing that made me look like the hardcore but cute b*tch I wanted to be back in high school lol.

Now let’s all erase that reference from our memories and start over please.

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I’m sorry, can we just take a moment to not appreciate how my last post included a fur, yet right now it’s like summer? Well, let me tell you there’s usually no such thing as spring over here. It’s either Siberia or Dubai and you gotta freaking roll with it cause the weather just won’t care obvi. So the safest choice would be walking out in our undies but we’re too prudish for that, so let’s just call them bikinis, shall we?

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