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Baby, it’s Cold Outside

SO DAMN COLD I actually look like I’m crying, in most of the pics.

Wanna know why?

Because the wind kept drying my eyes and I looked like Rudolf and there were people passing by, telling my photographer to hurry up and take the damn pics cause I looked like I was slowly freezing to death hahahah

I love these photoshoots when sth is wrong so you need to work with what you have. In my year review I’ll be looking back at all these “struggles” and laugh.

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Fig & Grappa

(Grappa as in the type of winish drink, I didn’t misspell grandpa lol)


Hello, fellas!

How are things? Has your summer been fun? Has July been “kind” to you? *unnecessary reference to all these monthly tumblr inspired “[…] please be nice to me” images*

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