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No Freshman

As it's been reeeeally chilly these last few days and as I've come down with the most horrible of colds, I decided this would be the ideal chance for an indoors-outfit. And by that I mean I modeled several clothes I just purchased, acted weird in them, yet ended up posing wearing some older pieces. Because pure female nature. The title above…read more
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Leather Weather

I love skirts. I can't go two days without wearing one or at least trying it on. I haven't always done so, as I spent my teen years thinking they were stupid and I'd feel uncomfortable or weirdly girly having one on. As it turns out, I'm more of a skirt/dress person than I thought I were and lately I've…read more
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Suede with me

It's been sooooooo long since my last post lol. Sorry, though, really sorry. Anyway, fall is officialy here, with all the rain and the stuff it goes hand in hand with. Like weird lizard-like things breaking into your apartment etc. This was supposed to be a day of studying and working out, with a short shopping break between. Turned out to…read more