Cache of Pink

Winter is, to me, more than anything, a great motivation for giving into brighter shades; it’s a guaranteed case of boosting the mood.

BUT, with the weather getting warmer, it is typically a good chance for introducing colors in our wardrobe. I mean, it’s not much of a breakthrough, quite like florals, checks or polka dots. Yet, it’s always a good push and an even better mood swift.

Also, right now I’m wondering about the kind of bullsh*t I am writing but hey.

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Nowhere Near Neutral

Spring is nice, huh?


I mean, in case you went by “yes, mate”.

In case you didn’t I embrace you, because I’m famously not a fan of the warm weather thing. Like where does all this layering go? All of my art? Do I just throw it away like that, like it’s nothing? I’ve put effort in this, I’ve put love!

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