Music X Fashion; Icons that changed the way we dress

Musicians have always had their own way into our hearts. There is something particularly majestic about a man or a woman who can make us feel at ease and understood just by singing some very right words; a man or a woman that can get on stage and make the crowd go nuts just in the sight of them.

In many of the past decades, music has had countless stars shinning because of their talent, but only few of them also had the shine of a fascinating sense of fashion. Style is important, and these people knew it well, then and now. read more


How to; Rock a Bustier

Back when I saw this top I thought, “darn cute!!!!! alright, come to mama” and then I kept it stashed for months because I kept wearing the same things for a while. I couldn’t see myself skipping the basic jeans and a top with this bustier. Which can also be cool, but I wanted something fresh. I reworked the bustier, shewed some buttons on it (yeah, some means 10) and suddenly it made sense.

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How to; Fake a Pair of Cargo Pants

I love randomly finding interesting spots to take pictures at. This one is quite close to my place and I hadn’t found out about it, up until now.

Today I’ll be showing you a trick I pride to be my own discovery. Okay, I’m pretty sure millions of people have done it before me, BUT I hadn’t seen it anywhere before rocking it, soooooooo let’s call me a trendsetter and leave it at that because damnit!!!


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