Flashing Light

Today we’re going a lot more casual. It’s the first time I can actually say I’ve been running from class to class, all except for this last week that I’ve been homebound as, man, I did honor the typical winter me; I got terribly sick. Hooray for the tea and the blankets and the whining!

Speaking of which blankets, this whole outfit was shot on a very VERY cold day and I couldn’t have skipped my all-time-favorite oversized wool coat, that I’ve been pairing like crazy with my new pair of Nike’s Presto Fly trainers.

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Greetings, my dear human beings <3

Last days of December and I’m sitting here, freaking out about the days gone by and the way they have. Damn, everyone keeps saying 2017 has not been a piece of cake of a year, and I know it myself it has not been for me either

But do we ever say a year has been nice? Like, we keep seeing all these stupid “November be nice, December be kind” and crap (excuse the language), but do we ever see them as that? Kind?

What, would you say, is a kind month like to you?

Lol brunette Carrie Bradshaw is back, everyone.

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