My 2017 Best Keeps, pt.2

Better late than never, people say, and today I’m going to roll with them people.

Therefore, as promised a while ago, today I’m presenting you with my 3-favorite outfit picks out of 2017!

*crowd clapping*

I picked clothes suitable for a colder weather and each garment or pair of shoes used has been picked among the others as they’ve been – one by one – favorited throughout the year.

Hope you enjoy and get ispired!

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Velvet Lush

Ay fellas 🙂

I haven’t really been the consistent kind lately – the exams have been eating me up. It’s been a period of changes – started working on my “life-plan” (I don’t even have a pla – lol get it?), left my job, changed the diet – again, changed the hair – what? Yes, take a good look of my dark brown hair now that you still can, cause these days are gone Judy!

Still, here lies another pretty extra outfit which is not dead. I just wanted to use the expression.

I don’t know where you’re supposed to wear this. But, after all, I never really do about any of the outfit choices I’ve ever proposed lol, so no harm heheh.

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