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Hey, so does anyone else still confuse Tuesday to Thursday and has to kinda sing the third verse of the Black Eyed Peas’ “I Gotta Feeling”? No? Not once? Yeah me neither. Anyway, this thing over here happened on a Monday and today is Friday, so it’s not even relevant haha.

Sooooo, it’s been quite some time again, but I’ve been busy with school blah blah blah, you know how it goes. It’s been weird having to spend all this time at home, plus I got sick and woo-hoo for the extra time I remained trapped in this cave called a house. The good thing is I got myself to study a bit. The bad thing is – well, we all know what the bad thing is when it comes to exams, I don’t have to fully humiliate myself once more 🙂

As for the outfit, it might have been a wrong choice of layers as the weather has been all summery lately and I ended up feeling a tiny bit overheated. Also, you might surprisingly notice a huge quality difference in the pictures below, as I’ve just started working with an actual photographer and I must say I’m pretty or too much excited about this new collab *smiles infinitely*.


Joke’s on you if you did not expect the usual resting bitch face. Anyways, this jacket is one of the things that take up the most space in my tiny little wardrobe. It really is super tiny and unless I purchase another one I won’t stop complaining about it. So, this fur was a gift from my mom. As per usual, she got it for me in Italy, along with a bunch of other pretty things you’ll be seeing in my next posts. It has this bold redish hot pink colour and a glossy finish that I just love.


Was Violet talking when this was taken? Ofc she was.

The fur is pretty eye-catching on its own so due to the “morning outfit” vibes I went for a plain cream turtleneck. A hell of a surprise, I know.


I’m more of a skinnies gal when it comes to jeans but I’m trying to overcome this fear and I just got some mom jeans. They are not my mom’s jeans but that you already knew that. I must say, they can be pretty unflattering at times, but they’re really cute and when in the right fit and paired with the right stuff they make a great piece to own. Also, they show off your butt so yeeeaah 😉


Since buying them, I’ve been wearing these boots non-stop. They instantly make any outfit way more interesting and chic. The handbag I haven’t taken off ever since I bought it, too – it’s the classic Chanel-like quilted flap bag with the usual leather-plus-chain handle and definitely one of my fav investments. It feels so soft and pretty and everything. I like hugging it from time to time 🙂 And holding it ofc.


Saw this one and my brain went all Aladdin like *I can show you the woooorld* and don’t ask why

Photos: Myrto Ch.

Faux Fur Jacket* – (similar here)

Ribbed Turtleneck Top – Newlook (similar here)

Mom Jeans – Pull & Bear

Aviators – Ray-Ban

Quilted Handbag – Love Moschino (or similar here & here)

Block Heel Ankle Boots – Tsakiris Mallas (or similar here)

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

*I removed the tag, so I can’t tell the brand.

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