The Lady Is a Tramp

So I have a question; does anyone ever – besides just looking at the photos – read all those things us bloggers write? Like other than our friends, family etc. It seems so funny to me whenever I think of it because I’m usually at the verge of writing some pretty disturbing things just to see if anyone notices lol.

But, again, that’s just a thought. I suppose.

We shot this at “Bensousan Han”, a majestic historical building in Thessaloniki that used to be an inn in the late 1800s and early 1900s. Today it’s considered a preserved landmark and is being used for multiple kinds of social events. I’m going to be honest and just admit that the place is perfectly creepy and stunning – at some point there was this door that just would just open by itself while we were working. It totally freaked us out, so we just laughed nervously. It was probably the air.

Yeah, probably the air.


I’m one of those much hated people who crave for the cold days. That’s mostly because I consider winter fashion cuter than the summer one but also because I pretty much live in faux fur coats. Therefore I barely even feel the cold *feels cool af*. Faux fur coats are to me the must-have of the winter, for both practical and visual reasons. I like mine massive and maybe statement-like and that’s why I usually invest in really eye-catching pieces.

And that’s the part where I got cold because it was so damn cold, yet I was like *cool idea, shoot it lying there*. Dumbass.


I’ve wanted a Cheap Monday top for a while and I can’t find a decent reason why I just recently got one bc they’re so damn cool. I got this at HotelShops and already have my eye on a bunch of others, too.

A pair of comfy mom jeans felt ideal for this outfit, as I wanted everything but the coat to look effortless and everyday-worn.


I loved this choker from the very beginning. I have to confess that I’m the kind of person that gets seriously turned off once something they have just bought is seen everywhere. But yeah lately I’m like “Yo get over yourself and settle. You like this, so wear it.”


Other than the massive fur thing, the star of this outfit is my new FeelWood bag. My bag collection consists of mainly gold-detailed ones, so I’d been looking for a silvery one for a while as I hate wearing mixes metals. The fact that it’s grey makes it really versatile, plus I’ve gotten so many compliments on how it’s wooden and therefore so unique.


*but also as I’ve mentioned before I love how it hurts people that pass by me too closely, like NO THAT’S MY SPACE AND I’M CARRYING A GUN WHICH I’M NOT AFRAID TO USE*


I have this thing where I take these babies out every winter and wear them like crazy but completely forget about them during summer. I felt like they would look great in contrast with the fur and really enhance the “tramp” part.


I paired them with fishnet socks, as I’ve been loving combining this trend with almost everything. SUCH A BADASS.

Photos: Vaggelis V.

Faux Fur Coat – Toi&Moi (similar)

Crop Top – Cheap Monday (similar)

Mom Jeans – Pull & Bear

Belt Choker – ZARA (similar)

Wooden Crossbody Bag – FeelWood Bags (similar)

Creepers – T.U.K.

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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