The No-Sequin NYE Dress

Dang, almost 2018 already? Do you remember the last NYE?

I usually go for a separate “Thoughts on; […]” article on Tres Violette, once we reach the last day of the year. This time I decided not to.

Time sure is a bitch. 2017 just vanished into thin air and if I tried to make a small report out of it, one thing would be for sure – it was no easy a year.

But this was a year of growth.

It was a year full of challenges and changes, of loss and gain (mostly of weight lol) and I’m quite proud of myself for making it count this much. I wish I’d done more, but there’s always the next year and always the thirst for the new things to come.

Anyway. I took these in my apartment, by myself, so please be kind.

So, what are you doing New Year’s Eve?

I’ll be working, so I had to come up with sth that won’t look too much and will be easy to move around in. Now, one would reasonably wonder what kind of job this is. And I think I’d just let this one wonder, lol.

Pulling an “Emma Watson at the Golden Globes” did the trick for me – I only realized it after having done it. Layering has been my bff this year and worked, once again, perfectly. A loose line, tied around the waist, paired with trousers, giving the idea of a long slim figure – I truly recommend it. You can make this quiet look feel so glamorous.


Women have the tendency to choose just anything sparkly on NYE. I usually follow the same path – all shiny means love to me. The thing is, when the time comes, and you have to go shopping for that NYE look, a) you stress out because you want to look hot (let that ex of yours burn in hell) so nothing looks perfect enough and b) you don’t really want to spend a fortune on something too statement-like that you might even only wear once. AMIRIGHT?

This is why I’m giving you this outfit as a possible solution. Once again, I suggest that you tear your wardrobe apart, find the dress you can work with, and layer the hell out of it. Mine is retro-like – a high neck, tortoise shoulder buttons, volumized sleeves and a ribbon belt.

Pay extra attention to your jewelry – I’ve shown you in the past how crucial jewelry is, something I myself realized in this past year. In my case, a pair of impressive retro earrings and a Swarovski bracelet worked wonders and achieved the shiny effect in an alternative way.

Finally, I wore sandals to balance this otherwise “humble” by showing some skin. I consider my Steve Maddens the sexiest pair of shoes I could own, plus they’re actually really comfy.


So, Happy New Year, fellas.

And a very stylish 2018.

Thank you all for your love <3

Dress – Zara

Trousers – Mango

Earrings – H&M

Bracelet – Oxette

Sandals – Steve Madden

Make-up – Wycon, Dior

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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