The Parade from Another World

Hello, from the land of the sick and the needy.

Oh that’s cute – do you remember the last time I said this? T’was almost a year ago. I guess the time of me mentioning I’m sick on every blogpost has finally made it back around. This is SO VERY nice.

I don’t know – lately I’ve kinda decided to start keeping it quicker and shorter, smarter if you may, with whatever it is I state over here – you know I tend to talk a lot about things that don’t matter. And then I like to keep my mouth shut about the ones that do. And also when I wake up in the morning.

Oh my popcorn is ready.

But then again, what would the world be like without people that speak a lot of insignificant stuff?

Betcha you’d miss us.

Oh come on I’m having a moment here.

Gimme a break.



Also, can you see my roots showing and shining? My natural hair color is finally growing out heheh.

Yes, this is not my actual hair color. I don’t really have dark brown hair (it’s not black u guys), I’ve been dying it for the last 4 years and have just decided I no longer want to look like Morticia Addams. Changes are good, and always welcome.

Moving right along to the main core (remember how I said I’d like to keep things smart from now on, yeah that went to the bakery), TODAY I’ll be showing you something I loved. I came up with this in the very last minute and let’s all admit that last-minute outfit choices are usually pretty surprising.


I finally felt it’s cold enough to wear my leatherette top (I got this at 7LOL) and planned the whole thing around this new fav belt of mine I got on Asos – love it and everyone I know does as well. Cream, black, rose gold, and navy are all earthy tones and look amazing thrown together, so keep that in mind.


Since the weather is getting colder, and since I’ve shown you before that layering is one of my favorite styling tricks, I went for trousers instead of tights. This very skirt is sheer and doesn’t really allow plain tights underneath anyway, as you’d better be quite daring to go out with your bare butt showing. And if you do, very good for you, I applaud you. And also, nice butt.

But, if you’re anything like me, go fot the trousers instead.


Look at my earrings tho. LOOK at them. Nice.

To finish the outfit off, I – as per my late usual – wore my most recent fav kitten heels. Show some skin, it will breath some fresh air into such an over-layered look. You can also go for a higher heel.


Food for thought; I recently had an interesting talk of lengths with a friend of mine. Choose your lengths carefully, try to create some sort of balance. I went; long (midi) coat, midi skirt, ankle cut trousers. My coat could’ve also been longer or cropped (before the waist part) but in no case cut right bove my thighs – an awkward part of the skirt would be exposed and it would end up looking ugly. The trousers shouldn’t have been shorter or much longer than the skirt as well.

Try layering different things in before a mirror and your very eyes will do you justice.


Photos: Evan V.


Top – ZARA

Sheer Skirt – Pink Woman

Slacks – ZARA

Shoes – ZARA

Belt – ASOS

Sunglasses – Hawkers

Earrings – Mango

thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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