The Ultra Retro Ways of Colorful Denim Over Prints

Lately, I’ve been crazy over vintage finds – one that has the patience to look through a pile of seemingly useless clothes, might as well get to the treasure part. That said, last week I discovered this beautiful lilac baby.

Lilac has been a dear friend of mine ever since a young age, but, growing up, I stopped wearing purple for a long time as I feared it. Purple shades have resurfaced in the past seasons, with lilac and ultra violet as the leading tones. Along with these, colorful denim pieces have been crazy, so, here is an alternative way of mixing a cool piece of colorful denim with an otherwise lady-like retro look.

I picked black as a base – bustier and a polka dot skirt – and mixed the lilac with a jade western belt and bright blue velvet sandals. Red could be a good alternative for one of the colors above, so don’t hesitate to go there.





Photos: Evan V.

Lilac Denim Jacket – Sisley (Thrifted)

Bustier Top – ASOS

Skirt – H&M

Belt – Pull & Bear

Shoes – Stradivarius

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xoxo Violet

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