The Warmest of the Caramelized

Ahoy, there, mates!

Hey do you think I should stop greeting you like this? Has it yet started to get super awkward?

If not let me know, so I can fix this.

ANYWHO. Today’s the day my fwiends, I’m finally showing you how much power is hidden in one single piece, let alone when it’s an outerwear piece.


So, I’d been looking everywhere for the perfect camel oversized coat. I wanted it extremely oversized and I’d been looking mostly for it in thrift stores but hadn’t found the one yet. I’d seen this one at H&M at around 130 but, like I’ve said before, I don’t like spending this amount of money in retail stores – I’d much rather shop anywhere else, like some boutique.

Finally, I thought I didn’t like any other design, so I got it on some sale and I’M LOVING IT LIKE CRAY CRAY. It’s 78% wool so it’s got all the warmth of the world gathered in it. I’ll make sure to post more ways of how you can wear an oversized coat later on #tresviolette.

Today, I went for something really everyday. I actually wore this to class.

Leather anything looks nice – leather trousers look even nicer. This seemed as the greater alternative for a casual pair of jeans.

Faux leather that looks realistic is hard to find, everyone knows that. It’s easier to find faux leather leggings in stores, rather than actual trousers. I’m not a fan of leggings worn as pants, so I don’t suggest you go there.


These I never got the chance to wear before – you’ve only seen them in black. You know me, once I like something I spend all my money on getting all if the colors available. The heel is black perplex, which looks SO cool, and as for the pattern, in case you own anything similar you could pair it with all the earthy tones, red, burgundy, blue etc. I love them with anything grey and they created the perfect balance for this otherwise simple outfit.


As the rest of the outfit was pretty plain, I went overboard with rings, necklace and a hairpin.


Photos: Evan V.

Oversized Coat -H&M

Turtleneck – H&M Men’s

Faux Leather Trousers – H&M 

Ankle Boots – ASOS

Sunglasses – Hawkers

Rings – Mango

Necklace – Tartarooga


thank you for reading & make sure you use #tresviolette when sharing,

xoxo Violet

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