Year in review; 8+2 fashion & beauty fails

I’m not quite sure whether I do or do not like trends. It’s a love-hate thing for me as I like to both absorb and ignore them. This year was SO rich in trends and I’d be damned if I said I didn’t hate most of them. Nowadays with this internet thingy everything just goes viral in a minute and right after a storm breaks out. 2015 felt as if Pinterest took over every single part of humanity and suddenly made all things incompatible with each other fit right into the pop culture. Who would have thought a while ago that years from then everyone would be stepping out in classy outfits paired with white sneakers? And who would have seen fashion grow like this? But that’s what I love about it. Just like everything natural or artsy, it never remains the same. It only evolves.

So here’s a short list of things I could have lived without in the year passed or wish to never see on anyone ever again;

  1. Supposedly high end, fashion puns or just “profound” graphic tees.

Those “Céline me alone” and “Célfie” stamps have been haunting me ever since my first glimpse of them.


2. The fringe madness.

Everywhere. Jackets, bags, shoes, kimonos, sunglasses (did that happen? Does anyone know?). No, too much and not the good way.

3. Extremelly chunky cleated ankle boots.

Omg. I feel like these run my country. Now I could joke on the political situation over here (friendly reminder; I’m Greek) but let’s not take it this far. These boots already have. And their identical sandals. And every other type of this shoe with this Vagabond, Topshop or Jeffrey Campbell imitation shoe sole.


4. Suede everything.

Also everywhere. Suede lost it’s rich feeling and ofc quality. Two years ago you would have to try hard to find a suede A-line skirt. And now you can’t turn your head and not see one. Even I have two of them.


…which led me to…


5. Too much bohemian.

Chill out guys, it’s not Coachella season everyday.

6. Embellished trainers.

Who came up with this? I mean I’m more than fine with trainers/sneakers and dressy – or not so – outfits, but this is just a no.


7. Man buns.

The word is disturbing. Let’s ignore this till it goes away and is less awkward. Also, in Greece we would call these koultouré klarina. Anyway.


8. When Paris Fashion Week had models wear other models.

Not a trend but I really wanted to include this. I’m well aware of Rick Owens’ views on fashion and it would be a lie to say I’m not always surprised. But dayum what happened here? Did anyone even notice the clothes? Is this human backpack even handy? And can anybody guarantee that these models didn’t feel embarrassed even in the least bit? Like, imagine being told you’re gonna walk the runway with a human crotch or butt right in your face. Mmmh sounds fancy.


Francois G. Durand/WireImage

  1. Bubble nails.

I don’t know what to say about this. It’s just weird and ugly and seems uncomfortable and also like went extremely wrong in your manicure session.


  1. Overdrawn lips.

Okay just because Marilyn Monroe did this before Kylie Jenner doesn’t mean it’s the same thing. Don’t get me wrong, I like Kylie. I’m just not a fan of this comparison and definitely not a fan of the trend. There’s this girl I’ve known since we were kids, that I hadn’t seen in a while. And last time I did I couldn’t look at her without focusing on her lipstick and not feel like Austin Powers when he stared at that guy’s mole before freaking out (okay sorry).


thank you for riding with me, so far this has been so much fun. Have a lovely New Year’s Eve and New Year overall,

xoxo Violet






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  1. Ειδικά στο ”Célfie” ταυτίστηκα τόσο που θα ήθελα να φωνάξω ΟΧΙ ΑΛΛΟ ΚΑΡΒΟΥΝΟ.

    • Violette says:

      Χαχαχα ας ελπίζουμε το ’15 να τις πάρει μαζί του αυτές τις καταραμένες στάμπες

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